Turned into a Girl for Dating Mobster’s Daughter (Part 2)

Flipping my hair over my pale shoulders, I gave Jimmy a practiced smile. He’d never admit it, but I turned him on. The idea made me sick, but that didn’t keep me from using it to my advantage. “Have I ever given you any trouble?” Jimmy looked relieved and smiled back. “No, and let’s keep it that way. Remember, you had a reputation back when…” he coughed uncomfortably. “Back in the day.” I did remember, though God knew I tried to forget. Pretending I was born Antonia instead of Anthony was the only way to survive the horrific things they’d done.Don’t worry,”I replied, softly. “I’ll be good.Jimmy nodded and left, closing the door behind him.

The club’s bass vibrated the walls as I tried to sit near the counter but it was difficult to adjust due to these stupid heeels.I inspected the vision of womanliness created.I was dressed in a sexy black dress with blondish hair and makeup done perfectly. My breasts heaved as I curled my hands into fists, painted nails biting into my palms.Despite the artificial estrogen coursing through my veins, a familiar, masculine emotion kindled in my chest for the first time in years:Rage.Angela. Christ.The last time I last saw Vito Sorrento’s daughter, I was a virile young man and she a gorgeous young woman. She was the only girl I’d ever made love to, and she was also the last.Sorrento’s doctors made sure of that.Angela. God damn her. She was the reason for all this.

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