It had all started during a truth and dare game he had been playing with his sister and her stupid cheerleader friends. On his turn, he had chosen dare, and his sister had gleefully dared him to show up to his Sunday school class in her cheerleading outfit. Since it was Saturday, he assumed that he could get away with it by accepting the dare and not having to worry about it the next day. He was wrong. Two hours before he had to go to class his sister and her friends jumped him in his room and preceded to give him a makeover. They started with his makeup, laughing at the discomfort he felt by being forced down into a chair while they worked their magic on him. Next came the wig, which they secured to his head with a 24- hour adhesive. When Kevin caught a glimpse of himself in the mirror, he was dumbstruck, he actually looked like a pretty teenage girl! Kevin didn’t have any body hair due to being on the swim team, so the girls stripped of his clothes and forced a pretty black panty and bra set onto him. Stepping into his cheerleading shirt after they forced the top over his head, one of the girls helped zip the back of it up, grinning from ear to ear as she did so. They then rushed them to a car before his parents could see him and dropped him off at school.

Don’t forget your pompoms.” Kevin’s sister Janine laughed, as she sped off with the rest of the girls.
As Kevin made his way into the school, feeling the cool breeze between his legs, he suddenly felt very vulnerable and afraid. He stopped in the middle of the garden, contemplating shipping school when he heard a familiar voice.
“Looking good Kevin, or should I say Stacey?” Smirked Jacob, his best friend. “Don’t look shocked babe, your sister told me all ahout it, and if you don’t want me telling everyone else about it you’ll do exactly what I say.”
Kevin just stood there, shocked and disgusted, with no way out of his predicament.


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