Troublesome Brother to Cute Sister !!

Kylie’s brother used to be so horrid. He’d be bringing girls home seemingly every night and never called them back, he was misogynistic and never treated a woman the way she deserved. So one night, Kylie slipped into her brother’s room (one of the few nights he was alone) and carefully placed headphones over her ears. She continued this ritual every day for a few months. At first, the changes were subtle. Her brother started to bring girls home less and less until it became rare for him to do so. When Kylie asked him to help her pick a dress or shoes, instead of him uninterestedly saying ”yeah that one” then walking back to his room, he would spend upwards of 30 minutes making sure his sister’s choices were perfect and matched perfectly. Over the weeks, the changes became more apparent. Instead of 10 minutes in the mirror every few days shaving his facial hair, Kylie’s brother would take hours in the bathroom shaving his entire body from the nose down and plucking his eyebrows.

His hair grew longer until it reached his neck, at which point he began to straighten it. He began to diet to get the perfect figure. Kylie’s brother started to wear skinny jeans and tighter shirts, he became much more self-conscious about his looks and the problem of too many girls sleeping over was now non-existent. One day, Kylie went into her brother’s room without knocking and was shocked at what she saw. Her brother was wearing his sister’s bra and panties, but even more shocking was that there was no need to stuff the bra as he managed to fill it out on his own. On her brother’s bedside table was an open bottle of hormone pills. The tape she had been playing to him in his sleep worked too well, and now not only was her brother more feminine, he wanted to be female too… After a few months, Kylie’s brother (who now went by Kara) finally had the operation he had been dreaming of for as long as he could remember.

Kara did, in fact, make a very convincing female, none of Kylie’s friends could tell that Kara was really her brother and they all just accepted her as one of their new best friends. “Say cheese!” Kylie said as she and her sister struck a pose in the bathroom mirror. Kara no longer had to borrow her sister’s bra, panties or any of her clothing as she had an entire wardrobe all to herself. The pair each stood together for a picture before heading out to meet boyfriends.

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