“Great!” Eddie thought as he crossed his new arms in a huff. “This is just what I needed, to be trapped in the body of this hot girl working at Hooters!” Eddie dazed off and became lost in thought at what his life used to be like before the great shift. He was a wealthy white male who owned a few businesses around the area. Life couldn’t have been greater for Eddie, surrounded by women and friends. One friend, in particular, was Greg, a wild animal when it came to women. It was Greg’s birthday and Eddie decided to treat him to a free meal at Hooters

“Hey Eddie, you see that waitress over there?”

“Yeah, what about her?”

“I’ve just been talking to her and she told me to come back tomorrow when she finishes work and she will let me make out with her!”

“Wow really?” “Yeah! I can’t wait!”

So Eddie and Greg had a blast that night and returned home safe and sound. But overnight as Eddie slept comfortably, the great shift took place causing Eddie to wake up in a completely different body. “My body!” Eddie screamed in an unfamiliar female voice. Soft blonde hair rested peacefully at the bottom of his neck and there was a missing gap between his new smooth legs. His new balance took time getting used too. Mainly because two gigantic breasts bounced on his chest with every step he took. “Shit! These tits are heavy!”

Come on honey you don’t want to be late for work!” A woman shouted as she threw the Hooters uniform at Eddie. “She must be my roommate.” Eddie put on the tight tank top and orange short shorts and made his way to work. He was still confused and wasn’t thinking straight so he tried to continue with his day as if everything was normal. Eddie worked his full shift and thought “thank god that’s over! All those perverted eyes checking me out felt horrible.” He made his way out the back entrance of the building and stopped in shock when he spotted his friend Greg waiting in his flashy car with a devilish grin on his face. Eddie didn’t know why but for some reason Greg looked pretty damn good to him. It must have been the female hormones of the body that were affecting his brain.

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