So, I’m going to keep it fairly short and simple. Ever since my transfer, things have been going amazingly well. I got a boyfriend from an all-boys academy, my grades have skyrocketed, my behavior has greatly improved, and I’ve recently become the Captain of our soccer and basketball teams. The teachers are incredibly kind, unless you get on their bad side, as well. As for my transformation, well, the shift has been incredible. But, it’s worth it, because I’m smoking hot, as to be expected. I’ve also gotten a few people calling me “the cutest girl in school”. After I graduate, I’m thinking of what to do. I’m not sure if I’ll get my degree in physics or in physical education. Or maybe nursing. As for other benefits, I’ve gotten to wear what kind of makeup and outfits I want, I no longer have to worry about curfew, and I can leave the academy at any time. I wish I could continue, but the class is starting soon. I don’t even remember being a guy anymore.

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