“You knew that I did not want to go outside dressed as Caitlyn. However, now wearing these clothes I have to say that things are changed now.” Calvin texted his best friend Jack while also sharing a picture of him wearing yoga pants and a matching top.

“You are wearing the clothing that I have arranged for you. Do you like it?”

“Yes, the clothing is fine, perfect to be precise or maybe it’s too perfect.”


“The clothing is fitting my body perfectly even sports bra that I am wearing looks to be filled.”

“But how does it feel?”

“It feels so naturally if I would not have known better I would say that I have been wearing this all my life.I am even getting the feeling that l am becoming a woman”

“You are looking very hot I have to admit.”

“But what is really happing to me? Because if I feel how these yoga pants fits nicely around my ass and how flat my crotch is in it. I am wondering what is happening to me. Because l am now having a flat crouch and a filled bra so that means that I have become a woman…

“I think now will be an excellent time to investigate if you have really transformed into a woman Calvin or should I say, Caitlyn?”

Mmmm, that could be nice. Where are you because l more and more would like to take the things to the next level.”

“What do you mean by taking things to a next level?”

“I would like to give this body a test drive and make love to you.”

Then the doorbell rang.

Here l am.” Jack said with a smile after which he gave Caitlyn a passionate kiss. Caitlyn noticed that Jack was experienced as he knew exactly where to touch her and she felt how her body started to get aroused. When Jack slipped with his hand in her panties Caitlyn moaned as a shiver of excitement went through her whole body. Then they undress each other and they started making love. She was dazzled by the feelings that went through her body when they both experience an orgasm at the same time.

“OMG, I now know it for sure. I am a woman and I like it.” Caitlyn moaned.

Yes, you are. You are making love as a real woman.” Jack said with a smile.

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