Sashaying down the brightly lit catwalk, Alex, under the pseudonym Alessandra, flaunted her voluptuous form in a sexy white dress as the audience cheered exuberantly. It was a big night for her, walking in such a big show, and she couldn’t help but get a little excited too. So much had happened since her friend Kelly, a makeup artist, had first asked him to fill in for a female model who had canceled at the last minute. Now he was one of the top paid ‘female’ models in the industry and no one else but Kelly knew the truth. That was all thanks to Kelly of course. The transformation process had been relatively simple at first, a wig breast forms, shapewear, and makeup, but over time as the process evolved, it had come to include even elaborately constructed and skillfully applied prosthetics; the latter of which being so convincing that it had even allowed him to pose ‘completely nude’ for a raunchy magazine spread!

But the application took hours to complete, so due to time constraints, they’d decided to forgo the more complex prosthetics for tonight and settled on a tight tuck job instead. Right now though, Alex was beginning to regret that decision. The excitement of the night had gotten to be a bit all too much for her and an evident bulge could be felt forming in her panties as his manhood struggled against its restraints, growing harder with each passing moment. Just then, as she reached the end of the runway, a sudden gust of wind lifted her dress, exposing her momentarily to the hundreds of flashing cameras around her. She tried to play it off with her best Marilyn Monroe impression, but behind her coquettish smile she couldn’t help but wonder, oh god, did they notice?

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