Tom woke up in a daze and a headache. Straight away he could feel something heavy on his head. His vision was blocked by black hair. Tom was puzzled. As he used his manicured fingers to push away the soft smooth hair, he saw his long, polished nails. In a state of confusion he wondered how or why his hands were like this. All smooth and delicate. He then imminently stood up in a panic. Tom felt the extra weight from his chest slightly bounce as he jumped up. But that’s when he stood frozen as he stared into the mirror opposite of him at his own unrecognizable reflection. A long full set of black soft hair flowing down to his new set of perky breasts that were supported in a black bra. The face wasn’t even recognizable to him as his facial features had changed to become more feminine and delicate. With every blink he could feel his long eyelashes flutter which reminded him of the makeup his face was covered in. He raised one hand to his chest and another to his thigh, only to see the reflections of this beautiful woman do the exact same thing. It only confirmed that this really happened. He felt how smooth and soft his hairless skin had become. It had appeared to him that he had lost a lot of muscles in his arms, and his stomach had lost a lot of fat. It was much slimmer, giving him this hourglass figure. Still, the most unusual feeling to Tom was the strange and yet unfamiliar gap in between his legs that were covered up by a pair of black silky panties. As soon as he realised what was missing, his heart began to race. He began to panic although he seemed to remain calm on the outside. He just could not take his eyes of that reflection. Stil in shock. The only reasonable explanation of who could have done this to him was the group of women who were apart of the female rights club. The only problem was they got the wrong guy. Tom was innocent. It was his friend Gary who had made the sexist comment about women. But he knew it was too late to tell them now. Poor Tom had been feminized for no reason.

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