I was tired of sitting around at home all the time. I wanted to get out and going more. So, I went to town to find something to do. I made my way to a club in the lower part of town, out of the way of everything. I was let in no trouble, but the majority of the people in this club were women. It wasn’t tagged as a gay bar or anything, so I figured I could get my choice of any to hang out with. There was this one group of women playing a game of cards, looked like Texas Hold’em. I wasn’t bad at poker, so I sat down at an empty seat. The woman who seemed to be leading the group gave me a look of annoyance and sat back. “If you want to join the game, you gotta offer something good for the pot.” She motioned to the middle. I took out my wallet to throw some money in, and she stopped me. “We’re playing chips, no money. You gotta offer something else.” It seemed she could read my confusion cause she answered my question before I could ask it. “You put your freedom on the line. If you win, you get the chips, and you can take those to the bar for actual money. If you lose, you join our gang. We could use a new face. I lost. I came out with a two of a kind and a three of a kind. The head woman had three of a kind and a full house. I don’t even know how she managed that. She threw a top at me and told me to put it on. It was a clearly feminine black dress. I struggled into it, not having much choice since the bouncer was blocking the door. After I slipped it on I felt really odd. The rest of the night was a drunk blur, and when I finally came to, I was greeted by one of the ladies from the night before. She looked down at me. The Boss wants to see you, newbie. Time to get you fully initiated. I sat up, my head was groggy from the night before. I definitely had way too much vodka. My hair was a mess, and I wasn’t even wearing a bra under my skirt. I wasn’t in any shape to get initiated, but apparently, they thought so. They had me pose with my hands in my hair for my member pic, and man did I look sexy. Just wish I could remember what happened last night.

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