Timmy stood on the stage and blinked in the strong light. As his eyes became accustomed to the glare he could make out that he was in a large room that was centered around the stage. He was wearing a sexy bra and lace panties with stockings and heels. The room was full of women sitting in rows and staring at him. A voice over a loudspeaker made an announcement: “Ladies, the bidding for this ladyboy now begins. “Three months earlier Timmy had applied for a job as a housekeeper. He was desperate for work and the advertisement said that men could apply too. The agency was very keen to hire him but said he must first undergo an intensive four-month course to learn how to behave as a good housekeeper because their clientele was very exclusive. Timmy happily agreed and the next day a minibus took him and several other men to a large secluded country house. Once he had signed his registration papers he felt a needle prick his neck from behind and he passed out. It had seemed like weeks until he finally woke up and even now he wasn’t sure how much time had passed.

But whenever he asked one of the female instructors what was going on he was told not to worry about it and he found he could never resist anything they said. He didn’t mind because he had never felt so good and he loved learning all the things they taught him. He didn’t even feel ashamed now to be standing in front of all these women wearing only his underwear. After all, he hardly ever spent any time in clothes anymore anyway. Timmy blinked again and played with his hair. The voice on the loudspeaker continued talking.”As you can see ladies this has been a very successful conversion and the young man has been forced feminized completely. He no longer thinks like a man and can be relied on to have feminine sensibilities in all aspects of housekeeping. He is very obedient and his specialty is fashion and in particular lingerie. He is happy to wear only lingerie all day long and will also serve at dinner parties and afternoon tea. How much am I bid?” Timmy felt pleased at the nice words that had been said about him and was even more pleased to see several hands go up to start the bidding…

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