“Give it up baby, you’re not a man anymore.”

“But I don’t have boobs.”

“No, but you look like a girl even without them. Your hair, your face, your voice. Besides can you even get hard anymore.”

“Sometimes… I… no. Why is this happening to me?”

“I don’t know baby. But it’s time you face facts. To the outside world, you’re a girl and you can cry all you want but nothing is going to change that.”

“But what will I do?”

“Well, first we’re going to see about getting you a set of breast implants. No girlfriend of mine is going to be as flat chested as a boy.”


“That’s why baby, I’ve always been into girls. There was just something about you that I liked. I guess I know what it is now.”

“But how can we? My… you know… doesn’t work anymore and it keeps getting smaller.”

“Don’t worry about that little thing. I have a strap-on that can take care of both of us. Now I want you to get on all fours and relax, this will only hurt for a moment.”

“What are you going to do?”

“I’m about to pop my girlfriend’s cherry.”

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