Time for Prom

When Reece had persisted in making fun of Cassie’s friends at school, she finally decided to do something about it. She had heard of the powers of hypnosis and decided to put them to the test.
Cassie asked Reece out one month before the prom – her only condition was that he spend a month living at her house so they could “get to know each other’. Every night she put on the hypnosis tapes programming his new personality, and in the morning she would say the trigger word to him to mark his progress. By the evening before the prom Reece’s subconscious was fully programmed. Cassie said the word and laughed as Jenny came to life. She was confused by her manly appearance but was reassured when Cassie told her it had been a prank and that they’d help her get her body back overnight.
Desperate to look pretty again, Jenny had spent the whole night excitedly letting the girls work on her. It had been hard work but Reece’s tall, slender body lent itself quite well to the transformation. Jenny had done much of the work herself -putting on the fake breasts and shaving herself completely. Sarah had done a fantastic job styling her hair, whilst Clare had applied the make up. Jenny now stood in the middle of her new best friends, fully transformed and looking beautiful in a long, white dress. The girls had decided to wait until the prom was in full swing before negating the hypnosis and watching Reece come to terms with his new look!

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