“Hey Tiffany, you’re looking hot girl! Love the new look!”
Terry stared at the text from his best friend. Five minutes had gone by yet he still didn’t know how to answer. How did James know about his other side? He looked back up at his monitor to see the blonde beauty looking back with a worried expression. His cell beeped again.
“By the way, you look extra cute when you’re worried.;)”
How the hell did he know what I looked like now? I haven’t taken any pictures since this morning and I know I didn’t send anything out. I’ve checked through my phone like a thousand times. Beep!
“So you going to invite me over or do I have to just stop by?”

Terry gulped as he looked back at the girl he transformed himself into. He looked like a natural, so he had no worries of anyone seeing him, but this was his best friend who was clearly getting turned on seeing him.
“Well I guess if I was be with a guy it might as well be with my best friend,” Terry said to himself. Beep!
“Aww thanks Tiff, I’ll be right over. Oh and make sure your webcam’s off for later. Don’t really want to be making a sex tape, at least not yet;)”
“Oh crap!”


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