You’ve got to be kidding me Tom. There is no way you can wave your hands at me, and tell me that I’m being transformed into a woman. That isn’t possible. See? I’m the same. I don’t feel any different at all. There is no such thing as magic. Why are you looking at me like that? Why are you getting a bulge in your pants? That bulge… it’s so lovely. It’s making me tingle down between my legs. I feel something strange there, like a wetness. How could that be possible? What are you doing taking your pants off, Tom? Wow, look at your manhood! It’s so big! I feel weak in the knees looking at it!L. I want to… to get down on my knees! I….wan… to have it. Why do I feel such a strange desire? Why do I *want* you now? What is going on, Tom? My shirt feels so tight. What’s going on down on my chest? The buttons are getting tighter, and they’re going to burst! Let me get down on my knees, and show you just how I feel about you, Tom. Mmmm, yes I want you so much now. I love you. You are my man.

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