“So do you approve of my work now?” Catherine asked her friend Nadine as they looked upon Nadine’s ex-boyfriend. He was more a she now, even if he didn’t realize it. Absentmindedly he sucked on a lollipop with his scarlet painted lips as he zoned out in the kitchen.
“Absolutely. There’s no way I could have believed the once hyper-masculine Jeff could become this, yet here he is. How did you get him to this? Does he even know he’s a girl now?” Nadine questioned as she examined the once star athlete stick out his new breasts as he wiggled his pert butt.
“No, he still thinks he’s a guy. Actually, I’m most proud of that, even more than the transformation of his body. Sure, he understands his body and tastes have changed but he doesn’t fully grasp just how feminine they are. He’d consider him metrosexual at most but no way a sissy or a girl.”
“Simply amazing.” Her compliments brought out a grand smile from Catherine. “I’ll make sure you get the complete funding you require to continue your studies when I return to the office. These results are far beyond any of us even imagined.”

“Thank you my friend.”
“So what are you going to do with Jeff now? He’s served his purpose. You going to let him loose into the world and try to live out his life on his own. Or you going to go further with all this?”
“No, I think I’ll keep him around like this for the time being. He’s at a nice stage at the moment and is actually quite pleasant to have around the house. For now, he’ll be my little sissy boyfriend and can serve as a reminder of what we can accomplish. He’s just the beginning.” Catherine added with a sly smile.


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