Things you have to do to get a girlfriend !!

He was very uncertain of what his soon to be Girlfriend had wanted him to do when she showed up out of the blue at his place! Maya had told him that the only way she would be his girl is if he would be her girl. First it was the smooth soft body, that shower gel just took the hair off his body and softened him from top to toe. He was only a little taller than her but just as skinny. She sat him down afterward and started to add wavy brunette long hair extension to his already natural long hair, applied a little make-up and did his nails and a little tanning. After that she took out some clothes from her bag and said “I brought you some of my clothes I thought would look cute on you” as she handed him a bright red top and black Zara mini skirt, and a matching bra and panty set. She also took out a pair of heels, and a few other accessories. When they were done Maya said: “so does Jasmine want to be my girl? all he did was nod his head with his pretty hair getting in his face. Maya quickly pulled out her camera, and quickly says: “smile for the picture”, Jasmine’s Instant reaction was to pose like the pretty girl “she” is!!!

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