Ever since I woke up wearing these damn earrings my life hasn’t been my own. They speak to me through them… and whatever they command, somehow my body automatically obeys. I’d rip them out if I could, but whenever they’re not giving me orders they put me into this ‘deactivated’ state, where I feel too lethargic to move a muscle. There are large portions of time when I switch off completely too – those are the worst. I’ll wake up convinced that all this was just a bad dream… but instead I end up trying to deal with whatever changes they’ve made whilst I was unconscious. I’m pretty sure I’m all woman now… at least, everything feels complete. Maybe soon they’ll leave me alone an- •beep* Oh god – it’s them! Wait… I’m going to do what!? B-but, I can’t… I’m… oh man, who ARE these people? Why are they doing this to me?

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