There is no going back.

This was not the scene Alex had expected to return to. His sister had said that he would only have to go to the park dressed like this for an hour, and then his forfeit would be over. When they got home he excitedly ran up to his room and threw open his wardrobe, ready to change back into his own clothes. Little did he know that all the time that he’d spent sitting self-consciously in the park with his sister, her friends had been in his room room collecting up every last one of his clothes. They replaced them with all manner of girly underwear and dresses before leaving, making sure to take his clothes with them. Alex had no idea where his clothes were and, come to think of it, his wig didn’t seem to be coming off either. His parents were due back from their holiday tomorrow and he had know idea how he was going to explain why they now had two daughters…

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