The Storage Area !!

Before his mother left the house, she reminded Alex one last time to organize the garage attic and throw out any trash. It was the only chore she had asked him to do his entire Spring break, and he still hadn’t done it- which was why she threatened to ground him for a month if it wasn’t done by the time she got home that night. Shortly after she left, he finally decided to get it over with so he could get back to his weekend lounging. The storage area was a mess, there was clothing from the 80’s strewn about, broken kitchen appliances everywhere leading to total chaos. Alex decided to start on the pile in the corner, maneuvering his way onto the heap of junk. As he crawled up the mass, his foot sunk into some tight,angled container. Pulling it up, he found his foot inside a strange latex bootie. He went to pull it off, but, after considering how freezing the floor was and how he neglected to wear any shoes, he thought he would just leave it on for the time being.”The other one has to be around here somewhere,” he thought, before finding it and pulling it onto his other foot.

He continued to work for an hour or so, and was nearly half done when he decided to take a break. Emerging from the piles, he went to remove one of the booties, but found it was tightly stuck on his foot. Struggling, he hopped on one heel tugging furiously, but the damn boot refused to budge. Angrily he went for one last, hard pull and threw himself off balance- he hobbled backward unsteadily, slipping at the top of the stairs and falling backward down it. A bumb to the head knocked him.When Alex awoke he had a painful headache, but it quickly disappeared from his mind when he noticed in stupified shock what had happened to his body- it was now that of a busty young woman’s! In a stupor Alex grasped the tight latex bustier holding in two massive breasts. It was real. It was all real. That was when he noticed the booties- now thigh-high heels- still stuck firmly to his legs. Speechless, he let out a gentle whimper, suddenly silenced by the sound of his mother’s car pulling into the driveway. He began to hyperventilate. How did this happen?? What was he going to do? Things were about to get very interesting for poor Alexa…

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