The Special Costume !!

Eric had spent weeks searching for an amazing costume for the Electronic Entertainment Expo, but everything he had found was either too cheap or already done. If he wanted any chance at that $10,000 contest prize, he was going to have to get lucky. And luck was something that rarely came to him. But, while driving home from a friend’s house, he discovered a new store called “World’s Best” that advertised costumes for sale. He had never seen it before, and due to it’s remote location, he had to guess few others had. Eric thought that they might ha ha a costume no one else would, so he optimistically pulled into the lot and entered the store. What’re you looking for, son?” the clerk asked when he walked in. I dunno, something special. I’m going to need the best costume anyone has ever seen,” Eric sighed. “You know what I say,” the best costume is no costume at all.” That didn’t make any sense to Eric, but he decided to ignore it.

“Well, I need something. Your shop says World’s Best, so ‘l take the best thing you’ve got. Coming right up,” the clerk said, walking behind him. Moments later, Eric felt a sharp prick on the back of his neck and, before he could respond, passed out onto the floor. When Eric awoke, he felt a painful tension around his eyes. They felt normal, but upon opening them he was appalled to find himself packed into a tight rubber costume, long blue hair falling onto his shoulders. But in addition to his clothing, his body didn’t look or feel like itself at all Anxiously, Eric felt his chest-under the black top that clung to him, he discovered in shock two small, sensative breasts! Heart pounding, his hands moved down to the miniskirt he now wore, where he frantically patted his crotch, finding only a terrifying smoothness under the rubber. Panicked and shaking, Eric noticed a small mirror on the wall across the room. He was afraid to look into it, but he had to see the extent of the changes that his body had somehow underwent. Upon reaching it, he froze when he saw his reflection- a pale asian girl with a look of utter disbelief With a shiver he remembered what the clerk had said- the best costume was no costume at all. And now he realized what exactly that meant.


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