Brain was a teenage boy who had big dreams of becoming rich and successful. Who didn’t want that? And his chance of this came when he came across Andrea. She owned her own independent record label and claimed she could turn Brain into a star!
“I’m willing to offer you a record deal on one condition.” She said.
“Yes, what? Anything!” Brain excitedly stated.
“You must follow and do exactly what I say and you should be a famous music artist in no time!”
And just like that, the deal was made. The next few weeks Andrea had gotten strangely close with Brain, inviting him to dinner at her apartment almost every night for her. “Strangely tasting meals” Brain would think to himself but thought nothing of it. Next came the corset training.
“What? I’m not wearing a corset! I’m no woman!” “You have to while you are in the recording booth, it makes your voice sound better when the corset is strapped on tight. Remember it’s my way or we end this deal. You want to become a star right?”
“Well yes but..”
“Then let me strap this on for you!” And just like that Brain was wearing the corset 7 times a week, giving him an hourglass figure without even realizing it. But what he should have realized was that these ‘dinners’ Andrea had been cooking for Brain contained hormone pills which gave Brain a full dose of estrogen every night. Over time he began to realize how his skin had become softer and hairless, while small breast began to grow which at first he tried to hide because of his embarrassment. So he decided to confront Andrea about this.

“I know what you have been doing to me you bitch! Look at me! Your turning me into a woman! No wonder you wouldn’t let me cut my hair! Even my voice has become more high pitched and feminine!”
“That’s the voice that will make you a successful artist!”
“I don’t care! Turn me back now!”
“I tell you what, I’ll make you another deal. I’ll give you the pills to reverse the female hormones if you don’t have a successful album. But if the album is a success then I will keep this contract and you will continue to stay as this sexy bitch I have turned you into!”
Brain didn’t really have much of a choice here and so he just hoped to God his album wasn’t successful.
1 year later and Brian is standing at the red carpet to a music award show
in black high heels, a red dress and wearing his favorite jewelry. His face is heavily covered up in layers of makeup. As the photographers take countless shots of Brain, he just stands there awkwardly with one hand on his hip. It turns out his album has been nominated for a lot of awards tonight. Obviously, it turns out the album was a success. I guess this new ‘female’ artist is here to stay.

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