The Rich Life !!

“Let me introduce to you, my wonderful girlfriend Lucy!” Antony introduced me to his parents.He had a very formal way of speaking to them which threw me off, but only for a moment. I guess this is how posh people speak to each other.”Lovely to meet you, Lucy,” his mother said as she took my hand. “I hope that my son have been treating you well.” “Oh, he has been treating me very well,” I said, trying to suppress my working class accent.”You have raised him very well.”I hope so,” his father said gruffly. “We would not have him treat any woman less than ‘very well’. He noticed me repeating the same couple of words, that’s not good, but I giggled and gave them an embarrassed laugh. They’ll believe that I am merely nervous. After all, I am nervous, and might as well not lie about that. It’s not uncommon for young women to be nervous when meeting the parents of her boyfriend. Especially if that boyfriend’s parents are filthy rich.We have been told that you are studying to become a doctor, Lucy. Isn’t that admirable,” his mother said, still holding my hand. Her soft fingers held my soft hand, both of us had perfectly manicured fingernails expected on upper-class ladies.”Oh, yes. It is something that I have always dreamed of being,”I said. “1 just love to take care of people, making them feel better and healthier than before.It is true, I am studying to become a doctor, but it’s not going so ‘very well.’ I do well academically, yes, and I am in every way confident that I could make a good doctor, but the school is very expensive. I am not sure I can keep going there without some more money coming my way. Luckily for me, my best friend’s parents are rich, and if we are able to convince them that investing in my future is good for them, then I might be able to keep up my education. “You should see her when she is studying, ” Antony said, sounding sincerely proud. “She is just the brightest woman that I have ever met. And I could not love her any less.

” Antony is a nice guy. He’s managed to avoid many of the symptoms of growing up rich. But he’s also considered a bit of a failure by his parents, mostly because he’s never done well academically. He’s still on path to becoming successful in business, because what rich kid isn’t? But he sincerely wants to help me, and I believe him. It is strange that it had to be done like this, with me pretending to be his girlfriend. I am male, after all. “I am sure she is an exemplary student,” his father sternly said, then taking Antony to the side and leaving me with his wife.As would later be revealed, Antony’s father had an ultimatum in mind. In order for Antony to prove his commitment to the family, he would have to get married before the end of the year.Luckily for Antony, his father thought that I was the perfect choice. If Antony refused, then he would be cut off from the family’s fortune. This would mean that I would be unable to continue my education. Yes, hearing about marriage struck me as absurd. The thought of love not being unconditional was strange to me. Growing up working class meant that family was more important than anything But what could Antony do? He desperately begged for my hand in marriage.You may say it’s a non-brainer. Of course I shouldn’t agree to living in permanent womanhood just so that my friend’s relationship with his parents would get easier. But it wasn’t so simple.This would be my one way of becoming a doctor, something that I have dreamed about since I was a kid. And it’s not so bad being a woman, I guess. Not when your husband’s family is rich. l mean, look at me… I am not exactly a working class hero, I am much better suited to this life.”I just must invite you to my favourite place in the whole world. My spa!” his mother told me,as I guided her around our apartment. “We don’t tell our men this, mind you, but you will not regret letting the strong hands of those South American men massage your body. You will absolutely love it.I can’t wait to spoil you, my dear.

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