My daughter, Anastasia, was dating a boy whom I despised. His grades were poor, his motivation was lacking, and his respect was absent completely. So I decided to take measures into my own hands. My wife and Anastasia’s mother was a researcher at a biotechnical company specializing in neuroscience. I convinced her to sneak her latest invention home, which was designed to aid in mental persuasion. It was to be used in the most dire situations, typically to get information out of terrorists and wanted criminals. So my plan was ready. Tonight was Anastasia’s senior prom, and my goal was to use the machine on her best friend when they arrived to pick her up at the house. I wanted to use it to make her spend the night persuading Anastasia to break up with her boyfriend. That may sound unethical, but I was afraid to use it on my own daughter, in the case of a malfunction. And by god it did. When they arrived I used the machine at my first opportunity, only something else happened entirely. It should have rendered her friend temporarily unconscious yet still standing while I input my thoughts into her. However, what ended up happening was the machine placed me inside the body of her best friend, leaving my original body lying unconscious in my bedroom. Apparently, the machine hadn’t yet been tested between different genders, and this was the result. Not wanting to scare anybody, I pretended to act like her best friend and decided I’d take matters into my own hands.

I felt very out of place wearing her long red gown with my blonde hair down to my hips and my face made up. The heels were uncomfortable as well, but I somehow managed to maneuver around in them. We went outside into the limo and headed to the dance hall where the prom would be. Apparently, I had a date waiting for me as well. His name was Henry and the girls couldn’t stop telling me how happy they were for me that he had asked me. It subconsciously made me blush, but I tried to hide it I guess this body had been crushing on him for quite a while. When we got to the prom our dates were waiting for us. I saw Anastasia’s date there, and I had to admit he looked very handsome made up. However, Henry is where my attention focused on the most. The hormones in this body were causing me to feel warm and tingly in places I had never felt before. When I saw him, I couldn’t help but blush deeply, and when he leaned in to kiss me that’s what really sealed the deal. I had no idea how I was going to go through with my plan, let alone escape this bizarre situation.  I was enjoying this. And I was certainly going to enjoy what Henry had to offer me at the after prom….


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