It had been bold, it had been risky, and it had been insane, but the con had paid off big time, in the sum of three and a half billion dollars. His appearance had already been sufficiently altered using time-tested methods such that not even the closest of friends or the most advanced facial recognition software would not be able to identify him, or as was more appropriate to say now, her. His enemies would all be looking for a man on the run, but their search would turn up fruitless, you could not find what no longer existed. As long as she didn’t break her cover, she would be free to spend the rest of her life in comfort and luxury. Using some of the funds she’d acquired, she’d already obtained the necessary documents and history to support her identity, As far as everyone else was concerned, the new resident of 132 La Rue Road was and had always been Angelica Guinn, a voluptuous female beauty, even her birth certificate said so.

Not that it was ever likely that she would need it to prove it. One look at the busty 
brunette tended to be all the proof that anyone needed. She was, however, more than capable of satisfying any man’s doubts, or desires for that matter. She intended on introducing herself to her neighbours soon, there was a man a few houses down she particularly wanted to meet. It had nothing to do of course with the fact that he was tall, handsome, and very eligible. It was lust that it would seem odd for such an attractive woman as herself not to have a bit of romance in her life. She had to keep her cover-up after all. It was just for the cover she would tell herself. “Just keep telling yourself that” darling a little voice would reply back.

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