The Other Side !!

“Look at that plumb bottom of yours,” he said, as he entered the bed room. “No wonder you wanna be a woman. I mean, I only slept with you because I couldn’t tell you were a guy.” Why did I have to pick the sleaziest guy? Why can’t I have some better standards. I mean, I do have better standards normally, but not when I am drunk. When I am drunk I become such a slut. A wholly different person, almost. I am not even interested in men when I am sober, just when I am drunk.”C’mon girl, I paid for this hotel room. We’ve got all day for ourselves.We can have some fun. I know how you loved making out with me last night. I cringed when he said that l ‘made out’ with him yesterday. I only agreed to meet him at this hotel because I thought it’d be over quick but now he won’t let me leave. Any other time I’ve allowed a guy to fuck me, they’re outta my life as soon as possible.

When I wake up, there’s not a single trace that they’ve been there. After a shower, and after a cup of coffee to soothe my horrid hangover, I get to resume my sober life as a guy and no-one gets to know a thing about what I did the night before.”Hah, I actually remember now how you told me that you want me to go all hard on you.Such a slut you are, but you’re totally my type. Just a girl who wants strangers to fuck her, even knowing that they might knock her up,” the man said as he sat down on the bed. “I don’t even care if you’re really a guy. I’m not judging.What does it matter, anyway? You’ve got a great ass and you know how to seduce me. That’s all I care about.” I couldn’t take his words as a compliment. Sure, I know how to pleasure him, but I don’t care about pleasing him. He’s just a toy with legs, as far as I am concerned. No-one wants to hear their sex toys talk. I guess I will make out with him…atleast he will stop talking.

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