It had been weeks since Geoff had his ‘rough’ encounter with the people who ran the salon at his new college. Two weeks, and there was not a single day that he wasn’t busy. Not by his own choice. The ‘girls’ had many photos and demeaning videos of what he was made to do on his first day here. Ever since the alternative scene has forcefully become his life at this college. Geoff just wanted it all to stop. He just wanted it to end.

“He’s almost here Jane!”

Geoff was about to be busy again. He waited on a couch in front of a camera. Terrified. He was tatted up, wincing as the voice beyond the door called him Jane’, his name that everyone on campus called him now.

“I… I think I changed my mind. I want to go home…” Geoff pleaded. But he knew it was too late. They had too much on him already. Now what he was being forced to do was about to be streamed to hundreds of people. How did he know? His ‘Mistress’ had emailed the link of the stream to everyone in his contacts. The nightmare had just begun.

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