The New Temp !!

God that temp is so hot, do you know what her name is?” Brian asked. “Who, the corner table? In gray?” Jared questioned back. Yeah, the chick with the brown hair. The one with the heels.” “Oh dude… that’s not a girl,” Jared declared. “At least not until recently.” “What? What the hell are you talking about?” Brian asked. “I’ve been thinking about that chick all week.” “Trust me man, I thought the same thing. Kyle showed me this News 8 article post from a few years back,” Jared began. “That’s Audrey Fitzgerald.

The guy who was kidnapped by that human trafficking ring in Chicago. His name used to be Aaron.” “That’s that guy??”Brian digested, gradually recognizing her face from TV. “Holy shit, I can’t believe it… he looks…” “…Pretty hot, I know,” Jared surmised, staring at the temp as his coworker had been. “Such a shame. “Does she still have… I mean does he…?” Brian stammered. “I don’t know, I don’t think so,” Jared assumed, acknowledging how she crossed her legs. “Why don’t you ask her?” he joked. “l’m sure she’d love to talk about it.” Brian knew better than to find out how wrong that truly was.

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