Don had just started his new job as an office assistant on Halloween in a small travel agency. He had asked if it was ok to dress up for Halloween and he was told: “as long as it wasn’t too scary”. So, of course, he knew he would be dressing as a girl, his favorite thing to do. The 2 other girls in the office thought he was really a girl when he showed up to work. They said he looked very pretty. The boss, who was also a woman agreed. Mid-morning a very wealthy middle-aged woman came in and Don was the only one available to help her. He did his best with everything she wanted and got her the exact trip she wanted and even threw in a couple of extras.

She left very happily and that surprised the boss. She said that woman is so very hard to please, and you took care of her without any complaint at all. She even called back to say she was very happy with how the new girl had helped her and she would bring all her company’s business there as long as the same young woman would be the one to take care of her account. So, the boss told Don that she had been trying for years to get that account. She then asked Don if he would agree to continue dressing as a girl so that they would get that account. Don couldn’t believe his ears, of course, he said he would. And with that, the boss took him and the other 2 women in the office out to dinner to celebrate.


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