The Millionaire’s Wife

Steve was your average twenty-year-old man. He was going through college and struggling to find a part-time job. While not studying and struggling to keep his grades up, he liked to spend part of his free time roleplaying on instant messengers with people he met online. In particular, he enjoyed role-playing situations where he was transformed into a beautiful woman. One person he met online went by the username Spoiled4Life, usually going by the name Isaac in their role plays. He had told Steve he was the sole heir to his parents’ fortune who were millionaires. Steve was never sure if to believe Isaac’s tales of luxury, but he did do some great role-playing with him. Isaac would rarely want to be transformed himself in their scenarios. He enjoyed transforming Steve a lot more. One type of woman Issac liked transforming Steve into was a sexy trophy wife. Steve had enjoyed age progression, becoming older, usually into some MILF or cougar. But the trophy wife idea really grew on Steve. He liked the idea of being turned into some rich man’s wife and never having to worry about a single thing in her life; constantly pampered and taken care of.

Then one day, things took a different turn in one of their conversations. “I want to make you my trophy wife for real.” read Isaac’s message. Yeah, I wish that could happen too.” Steve responded. ” I’m serious.” Steve raised an eyebrow, sipping on a can of Coke as he sat at his laptop in his dorm room.

“My dad has been preparing me for taking over his business, he’s close to retiring. I did too many one night stands when I was younger, I still do . Women know the kind of guy I am and won’t give me a chance anymore. I want a woman closer to my own age, as crazy as that sounds. We’ve been roleplaying so much and I’ve spent so much time making you my ideal wife. I want you to be real, you won’t have to ever worry about your college debt, never have to worry about anything. Just please tell me you’ll be my wife.”

Steve read over Isaac’s spiel. He wouldn’t usually tell this much about his life. Then again, he just is setting up yet another role play. Sometimes they would be spontaneous, but usually not like this. Starting a roleplay or not, Steve would not mind living such a life if it meant not having to fret about financial woes.

“Sure, I’ll be your trophy wife,” Steve responded. “Then I hope my money was well spent on this spell.”

Yep. It sounded like the usual. Which wasn’t bad. He just wondered how it would…unfold…this…time? Steve stared around at his surroundings. No longer was he sitting in his dim dorm room on a cheap swivel chair at his desk. Now he was in somebody’s home, sitting on a comfortable bed in a well-lit living room. His hair grew, his skin softened, he lost a few inches from his height, he 5 years older. Steve felt himself over, his body and clothing changing into a black lingerie with stockings. He stared back at Isaac’s continuing words. This was really happening. He knew what he was becoming. In the role plays his appearance would vary, but he recalled the name they usually stuck with when he transformed: Victoria. He was becoming Mrs. Victoria Jensen. She touched her plumping lower lip before biting it. Her hand then drifting down to her breast under her new black bra. She began thinking about what would be reality: the fancy dinners, the social parties, the fast cars, the shopping trips, the sex… Victoria became fully aware of her new genitalia, covered by her new panties and skirt.

“Are you complete, my love?” read Isaac’s new message. YES! I AM!” Victoria replied, turning on her caps lock. “I’m waiting upstairs for you. Welcome home.”

Victoria slid her laptop from her lap, crashing onto the floor. Hurrying up the stairs she unbuckled the large belt that had adorned her waist, slowly unbuttoning the rest of her blouse. When she entered the master bedroom she was met with the sight of a handsome man in his late thirties wearing an expensive suit, already in the progress of undressing. She ripped open her blouse and jumped him, locking lips.

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