Andrew was an arrogant 40-year-old airline pilot. He is notorious for bragging about how many times he has been in the “mile high club”. while on an overnight stay in Atlanta, he and a couple of other pilots went to Hooters. All of them were conceited but nothing like Andrew was. They drank and harassed the staff. When it came time for the bill, it was over $400. Andrew said he would take care of it. He paid the bill with a credit card leaving a $5 tip. When Kimberly saw what he had left, she was mad. So furious that in her tirade, a guest that happens to dabble into witchcraft overheard about the tip. She said a chant and *poof* the two had switched bodies. Andrew was driving when the switch happened, so when Kimberly swapped in, she freaked out and wrecked -she had been in a coma in Andrew’s body for seven months. When Andrew swapped into Kimberly’s body all he did was spill a tray of drinks. Andrew looked into the purse for an ID and car keys. He found out where he lived and drove home. When he opened the door, three children ages 3-7 ran in yelling “mommy, mommy”.

Then, of course, her abusive boyfriend Barry got up from the couch and backhanded Kim, “Got sent home early again didn’t you!” He gave her one more backhand. Not wanting to take shit from anybody, Andrew used his martial arts training and kicked the shit out of Barry and threw him out. He was now a single mother of three. The next morning Andrew went to the airline’s office in Kim’s body and tried to explain what had happened. It was a lot easier than he thought. Apparently, this has happened before. Since he was now a female, he would need a new uniform. He was given three blouses and skirts and told he could start flying tomorrow. As Kim walked to the gate, she bent over to check something on her shoe. His old friend George knowing what had happened walked by and said, “Nice ass Kimberly can’t wait to see you in the mile high club. You will be my new cockpit.” Kimberly and George would eventually marry and have three more kids of their own.

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