Agreeing to live with his cousins and Aunt Lucy for a week was the worst decision Tom ever made. The nightmare started with Rachel and Emma teasing his ‘girly’ appearance, calling him Stacy whenever their aunt was out of earshot. Then they started asking him if he’d like to try some make-up or perhaps put on a skirt, which only made him squirm more with embarrassment. Last night they snuck into his room and painted his nails a pretty pink whilst he slept. Then, in the morning when he was showering in an attempt to remove it they’d run into the bathroom and stolen his clothes and the towels, leaving him only a single pair of blue cotton panties to put on. When he emerged wearing them, they grabbed him and pulled him into Emma’s room, quickly fastening a matching strapless bra around his chest.

What the… AUNT LUCY! What the hell are you doing?”

Oh, she’s not here I’m afraid…said Rachel, pushing him onto the bed and pinning him down, “cute panties

Stacy…”Ohhh yeah they are so and look! They’ll match your prom dress perfectly!“ Tom screamed as Emma held his legs together and slid the bunched-up dress over his feet. Rachel then hauled him upright and before he knew it the dress was being ruthlessly tightened around his chest. “OH, she’s so pretty!” Rachel squeaked as Emma tied the final knots. The two girls stepped back to admire their handiwork as Tom frantically clawed at the dress in an attempt to pry it off. Failing to make it budge, he made a break for the door and ended up tripping over the lengthy skirt and right into the girl’s arms.

“Oh dear, the dress is a little long for she’s going to need some heels!” Tom was shoved back onto the bed, landing in an explosion of blue chiffon as the poufy skirt flared out around him. A pair of sparkly blue heels were strapped onto his feet and tightened, and then to his horror he was sat up to have a long blonde wig glued onto his head! He desperately lashed out at the girls, but they held him firmly whilst the glue set, occasionally playing with his skirt and giggling to themselves. When the two girls pulled him stumbling over to the vanity, he gave his final effort of resistance. They only just managed to get him perched on the stool, with the vast skirt and his struggling making it impossible to sit him properly. When they tried to apply the make-up, he wildly shook his head from side to side to stop them, whipping blonde hair everywhere and exhausting himself in the process. The girls soldiered on, though, and eventually, they were able to make a start with some lip gloss. Once he could feel his lips being coated all of the fight went out of Tom. He stopped struggling entirely; allowing them to apply foundation, eye shadow, and false lashes to complete his transformation.

“Well then! Its time for some pre-prom photos, don’t you think?” Emma chirped, grabbing her camera. “Maybe if you pose for us real pretty, we’ll take all this stuff off before our mum gets back?” Defeated, Tom struggled to his feet and allowed the girls to smooth out the dress, adjust his wig and fashion him into a pose. And so he stood, hands on hips and smiling for the camera, with his Aunt due back any minute.

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