My name is Nyssa, I was once called John. I feel strangely calm. I’m feeling wonderfully content, wondering if this is the real me. Should I have been born a girl? Because I’m feeling very comfortable in this dress. I like my breasts rise and fall as I breathe, it may also sound but I like how the corset gives me my feminine shape. I wonder does this have anything to do with the CD’s my Aunt me to listen to as I had difficulty in sleeping.
My,My… Nyssa is looking radiant in her debutante dress. It appears that the CD’s and their subliminal messages have done their job. Poor John was so stressed when he came to stay. I had to help him. I had to help him find his true self. To find his inner girl.
The CD’s she gave me helped me sleep. I felt wonderful each morning. But my male clothes started to feel uncomfortable. I asked my Aunt if she would dress me up as a girl. She smiled and helped me. She and my cousin Stephanie dressed me as a girl and everything fell in to place. Maybe I should have been born a girl.

My cousin Nyssa, My cousin John, one and the same. But Nyssa has been there all the time. We just needed to give her the push she needed. My mother’s CD’s helped to bring her out of her male cocoon. And what a beautiful girl she has become. And as a debutante she is radiant…
My escort Peter… He has treated me like a lady. He is so… So gentle, so kind, so lovely… I feel safe in his arms… I like being held in his arms… I would like to….
My partner is beautiful. Nyssa is beautiful… I feel like the luckiest guy on the planet. To be partnered with her. I sense there is an air of mystery about her. But to me that is what makes her special… Maybe, Just maybe… After tonight I’ll ask her out on a date…
I feel I like Peter. Maybe, Just maybe… I’ll ask if he would like to see me again…
My son, my daughter. I am happy that she has turned out to be as beautiful as I imagined. Peter will make a good husband


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