The Inheritance !!

I’m telling you, my step-mom is such a bitch. And she’s a gold digger. All she is after is my dad’s fortune. That’s why she married him, even though he was thirty years older than her. Now that he’s dead, it’s up to me to do everything I can to stop that from happening.She won’t get a single cent of his fortune. I would be a lot happier if it was her corpse that was rotting in the ground.No, it’s not the typical situation you might be imagining, right now. Y’know, where the rich businessman marries a bombshell the same age as his children. My step-mom is actually some twenty years older than me. I’ve even known her all my life, he actually married her when I was only around one or two years old. But, in any case, she has always rubbed me the wrong way. Like, it’s as if she is hiding something from me. And this was only made worse when I, as a teenager, discovered that she, conveniently, has no other currently living family members. Her background is a complete mystery to everyone,so for all I know she might be some Russian spy. Maybe she blackmailed my father into marrying her.”Russell, sweetie,” she said, sounding uncharacteristically sombre. “I think it is time we talk about something that I have been meaning to tell you all your life. But your father wanted me to keep it a secret.” Here we go, we’re straight back home from the funeral, and now she can’t lie any more.She is acting all sad, but I don’t buy it. She’s going to tell me all about her evil plan to take over my father’s fortune and she doesn’t want me to stop her. Good luck with that, bitch,but I am not going to let you get away with this. “I do not know where to begin, exactly. And I know that this will be very shocking for you to hear, but it needs to be said,” she started. “I am not actually your step-mother. I am actually your father.
Wait… what? “Okay, from the beginning. You see, I was once an employee of my late husband, the man you know as your father.’I was absolutely loyal to him, but I was also very keen on making a name for myself. Perhaps I was a little too eager, but coming from a dirt-poor background there was nothing I wanted more in my life than to be rich. At one point it struck me that there existed an easy way to get what I wanted, what I had to do was to romance the boss’s daughter. Your mother and I wasn’t prepared for this turn of events, and as I tried to speak, my step-mom (or father,or whatever!) interrupted me. “I got her pregnant. That wasn’t the plan, I was merely trying to get close to the family but I guess that I fell in love. But it wasn’t good, because your fath-ehm, grandfather was a very conservative man. He did not approve of having a child born out of wedlock.Then things took an even worse turn as your mother died giving birth to you. So, as you might imagine, I became loathed by your grandfather.Now, your grandfather was not a horrid man. But he was distraught at the death of his daughter. At first he wanted nothing to do with you, but I convinced him that he should raise you as his own. After all, you were his grandchild. And you have your mother’s eyes.Then I tried to convince him to let me be a part of your upbringing, but he wanted nothing to do with me. Only if I agreed to keep my role in your birth a secret, would I be allowed to see you. And, well.. I can’t exactly explain how it happened, it started by employing me as your nanny,’ but then I somehow became your step-mother. I guess it was your grandfather’s way of punishing me.I dont not expect you to take these news well. It will take you a long time to get used to it.But you must know that I have always loved you. You are my son, and I don’t care that i look more like your mother than your father, all I wont is to be a part of your life. I will stay at my apartment downtown until you decide what to do. Don’t worry about your grandfather’s fortune, it will all go to you. All I hope is that you once day begin to see me as your parent, be it mother or father, I just want to love my child.Well, I guess that goes to prove you should never judge a person based on their looks.

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