The Great Switch !!

“What the fuck?” Andrew said aloud, confused at the sudden long legs in front of him. “What the fuck is going on? Why am I on a bed with Hello Kitty sheets? Why do I sound like GIRL?!” After a couple of minutes of freaking out, Andrew ran to the television and flipped on the news. A special report was being broadcast of something called the Great Shift, a massive body swap event that caused 90% of the world to swap bodies with each other. “Great. I’m a girl now.” Andrew grumbled. “A weak fucking girl. Oh, and look!” He picked up a sushi package that only had Japanese on it. “I’m also a fucking oriental! Andrew sulked for a week after the Shift, refusing to even acknowledge his body or the new country he found himself in. He spent the week naked since everything in this girl’s closet was girly or what Andrew dubbed as “weird” . After a week, though, Andrew ran out of the girl’s sushi supply and had to get food. When he did, it was just his new taste buds. Something changed in Andrew. He grew to appreciate Japan’s culture, and he even came to enjoy his new amazed at the culture he encountered, the customs, the food. He had enjoyed the sushi, but he figured that body. He found that being a girl wasn’t as horrible as he first thought, and, despite his earlier opinions, he was not worthless as one. Andrew came to love the Shift, and when his parents finally found him and brought him back to the States, they were very surprised to find their football playing, All American son asking if they could drive him to an Anime convention so he could show off his new lolita dress.

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