It’s a good job I escaped diva camp while I could! I managed to get out there just before they transformed my hair into that of a woman’s. They may have transformed every other part of my body into that of a woman diva, but not my hair! And I consider that a victory! Because now I’m not fully transformed and that means l can still take all this clothing off and become a man again! Right? Although I do have to admit, I do like how these black 5-inch-high heels look on me, and they are pretty comfortable to walk in. NO! What am I saying? These are heels for crying out loud! As soon as a I get home. I’m going to take all this clothing off, no matter how much I like the way this thin black dress feels against my smooth soft skin. Wait? Why am I walking through this area? This is not the way home?

I’ve only been in the diva camp for 2 weeks, I couldn’t have already forgotten where I live! So why am I walking down here? Oh my god. Is that a salon? Oh no! Why am I walking towards it? No! It’s like these heels have a mind of their own! I just have the sudden rush to go get my hair done, instead of having it short, I want it long, blonde and straight! Oh god! It looks like that diva camp did work on me! They must have used hypnosis on me! I must resist! Oh god, it’s no use! I may as well give in to my new desire! I’m a diva and I know it! Damn that diva camp for doing this to me! Now let me go get my hair done, it still looks like a boy’s haircut.


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