Gray was the photographer for the local newspaper in his town however he built quite the reputation for being the local pervert, taking pictures of women undressing at night through the windows and gardens of his neighbors. He had grown quite the fetish for women over the years and would keep these pictures to himself, for his own purposes. So, when Gary heard about the new lady who had moved in, he was more than excited to take a cheeky snapshot of her bun naked. What Gary didn’t know was that this mysterious lady comes from an uncharted part of India, deep in the jungles where no technology was nearby. She tried to stay away from technology due to the curse she has had ever since she was born. She never told anyone about this curse but assumed it had disappeared, which is why she decided to move to the country, to leave all the bad memories behind. And out of all the places in the world, she happened to move in the same district as Gary. Boy was he in for a treat! So that night Gary peeped through her window and saw the beauty. Gary had to catch his breath back from the luscious goddess as soon as he laid his eyes on her. She was wearing nothing but a pair of high heels and lingerie. Gray aimed his camera and took his shot. 

“Yes! Got it!” He whispered in excitement as he rushed back home to look at the photo. But when he finally did, he was in shock! “What the fuck?” He saw a picture of himself, fully clothed, in his own house! “This makes no sense. Where’s the shot of her?” But as of that moment, Gary realized he was not in his own home; he was inside the house of that woman! And that’s when he froze disbelief after looking down at himself. “I’M A WOMAN!” But not any woman, he was the same one who he took the picture of. He looked down to see a pair of boobs and a hairless, smooth skin all around his body. He felt the long black hair weighing down his head and the uncomfortable position his feet were now in locked into due to the 4-inch-high heels. He was so traumatized by the change, he didn’t even notice the change in his body structure or how his makeup had been applied perfectly. ”B… but how?” He asked himself. It looks like that woman still had the curse.

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