As Justin got ready for his date, he suddenly blinked awake for what seemed like the first time in months. Where was he? Why was he standing in front of a gorgeous girl who was getting dressed? And why did he have such a deep urge to drink more of the red juice in his hand?
He had to get out of here. He had to run, to find out what was wrong. The girl in the mirror was so familiar. Too familiar. Almost as though he knew what she was thinking, how she felt. Why she wanted to be pretty for “Michael.” Who was “Michael?” he thought.

And when he spoke, she repeated him, exactly, word for word. “Who are you?” They both said. Mirror images.
But then as he blinked again, his mind was sent deep into subconscious again. And” Julia” smiled as she took a long drink of the secret juice that Michael had been giving to her to fulfill her deepest thirsts. The “changing juice.”
Then she said looking into her own reflection, “I’m me. The woman you are supposed to be.” And Julia smiled knowing Justin was no longer in control.

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