The Gender Study (Part 3)

“I don’t care how you think it looks, you’re going to wear it,” Professor Burke ordered, failing to empathize with his ex-student’s distaste for the leopard-print bra he had provided her. “…And the panties as well.” Alix’s gaze fell to her crotch, barely concealed behind the black thong she normally wore. It had been nearly a year since she had received the vaginoplasty her captors had prescribed, removing her from masculinity and society conjointly. The sight of what they had done still disturbed her- but not as much as what they had affixed within her. To her pelvis they had fused a proximity cathode, designed to deliver 3 amps of electricity should it move out of range of it’s receiver- a braclet around the wrist of her very ex- professor. No subsequent scheme or escape was worth the excruciating paralyzation it had caused. He had made her his housepet. His slave. She was the product of a plan years in the making- executed, for her, at the worst possible time. “Don’t just stare at them, take them off!” Professor Burke demanded, re-tying his Armani tie. “We have to leave in twenty minutes. You can do all the staring you want once we get in the car.” With a sigh, Alix nodded. He was never mean to her when she complied. For now, that was all she needed. Perhaps in time her mind would adjust? Perhaps her promising future would be forgotten.Perhaps she would even find comfort in her transfigured body. But not yet.

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