The Gender Study (Part 2)

Behind Alex’s back, office windowblinds parted across the courtyard. Tracking his oblivious prey, Professor Burke had been watching him ever since he had left his class; it had been Alex he had chose. Professor Burke’s surreptitious gender study “research” was as scientifically baseless as creationsim- only as the head of his department could he have secured such a farce. To use his power only to falsify a curriculum, however, would be far better than the deranged obsession it had fed. For five days he watched the boys. Studied them. Who among them was the most delicate, the most feminine? Who among them made the most promising woman? By noon that day, the call had been placed. Professor Burke had chosen his subject, and the men he had hired to help him had been paid. Thanks to his own efforts, the attractive young woman Alex Melenchamp had portrayed would soon become a permanent reality. A smile grew on Professor Burke’s face as the white van came into view, cresting over the hill of the university street. His years of planning were finally playing themselves out- right before his very eyes Pulling abruptly onto the sidewalk, the van’s tires screeched to a halt as a startled Alex turned his head. Stupefied, he watched as the vehicle’s windowless panel doors slid backward, emerging from within them two men, dressed in all black. They would be the last to see Alex for some time to come.

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