“Hey, check this out! This girl told me about this fun house downtown, and you totally have to check it out! It’s so trippy! I mean, when I went in, I was a guy, and – “Yeah, it turned me into a girl! Isn’t that so wild? It even changed my clothes into this hot dress I’m wearing. You should totally check it out, I mean
“Yep, I’m all girl now. If you don’t believe me, I can take you to the bathroom and you can take a look in my panties if you want.” “What!? Change back into a guy!? Honey, I wouldn’t want to be a guy again even if I could, and trust me, once you check this place out, neither will you. Being a girl is so much better! Yeah, I know I’ve only been a girl for less than an hour, but trust me, I love it and would never go back!”
“Oh, come on! You’ve got to come! Trust me, once you’re a girl, you’ll agree with me that it’s so much better than being a guy!” “All right, you know what? You’re coming. End of discussion. Let’s go!”
She grabs your hand and drags you to the fun house. Whether you want to go or not.


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