Vincent stopped on the stairs leading down from the apartment he shares with Lisa, his girlfriend. Asking are you sure about this Lisa? She turned to look back at him with a smile saying I’ve never been so sure of anything in my life Vicky. I’m ready to let the world see my lover as she really is. Besides weren’t you the one complaining the other day about how hard it is to try and look like Vincent? You’ve known for a long time now that it’s Vicky, far more than Vincent that I’m so attracted to. I know you’re concerned that I’ll have to come out to all our friends that I’m more a lesbian but I’m ready for that. Victor had used that as an excuse to keep Vicky hidden away. They rarely went out anywhere together when Vicky was around, which lately has been just about every evening and weekend. He’d become aware as much as Lisa that he couldn’t seem to resist being Vicky.

He loved being the sexy woman Vicky far more than the small slight built man that was Vincent. Ever since the two had played around two years ago and dressed Vincent up they both have become slowly addicted to having Vicky around. As much as Vincent enjoyed being Vicky he was afraid because he was sure this would be the death of Vincent altogether. Letting go of that identity was scary even though there wasn’t a thing about being a man he would really miss. By now he was sure that Lisa wouldn’t leave him for a guy one day. She’d confessed long ago that if she had to choose between them that Vicky would win out. Vicky finally smiled and took the step down as she said tomorrow all of Vincent’s clothes are going to the thrift shop. We’ll need room for all the new stuff I’m going to buy.

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