“You have got to be kidding me. The deal is off.”
“Damnit Joel, we had an agreement. What the hell is the problem?”
“Now Sandra, I know that you have a boyfriend and that is fine, and you know that I would do absolutely anything for you but this? I can’t.”
“What you can’t do is back out now. We had a deal, and you have been abiding by it up until now, what am I supposed to do if you back out now?”
“Look at it from my point of view, I have shaved my entire body, glued these false breasts to my chest, couldn’t you have gotten smaller by the way, I’ve lost 20 pounds and am now standing here in a strapless gown waiting to escort someone to the Prom for you.”

“But that was our deal, you take my cousin William to the prom and you can take me on a date anywhere you want. William is waiting in the other room, and I’ve told him I’ve got a hot date for him to go with.”
“You really think I’m hot? No. that’s not the point, you didn’t tell me Will had a face like a boxer and dressed like John Travolta. You owe me at least second base on our date.”
“Home-run, I promise.”


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