I was standing in the middle of the room surrounded by mirrors so I could take a good look at myself from every angle. I ran my hand through the soft material of the wedding dress, not quite believing I’m going to get married. Technically speaking I wasn’t getting married; I was just taking my sister’s place as the bride. Laura and Michael were engaged for quite some time and as the wedding was approaching my sister started to freak out. Eventually, she was in no condition to stand before the altar. Normally the wedding would be postponed for later until Laura gets better but my mom and dad had a different idea. My dad had some amazing inventions in his basement and one of them was a body swapping the machine.

Mom and dad decided we could use the machine to swap me and Laura so I could take her place at the wedding until she gets better. That’s how I ended up in my sister’s body, wearing her wedding dress and getting ready to get married. The plan was that me and Laura will swap back after the ceremony but as it turned out later the plan had changed. While I was standing on the altar exchanging vows with Michael my sister came to the conclusion, she actually doesn’t want to marry him and she feels much better in a man’s body I was completely unaware what was going on at home. Laura decided to keep my body, so she sneaked into the basement where the machine was and sabotaged it. Putting it simply she made us stuck as each other since the parts were too expensive and dad couldn’t afford repairing it. Of course, I didn’t know about it so I went through the ceremony and the wedding party as well pretending to be my sister. When the party has ended I was starting to get worried why we didn’t swap back so I asked my parents.

They told me that Laura still doesn’t feel well so I should keep pretending to be her for now. I didn’t like the idea since it meant I will have to spend the wedding night with a man, and I was fully aware of what was going to happen. Ultimately not only I ended up having sex with Michael, but we also went on the honeymoon. By the time we got back something had changed and I started to enjoy Laura’s body and life. I found out I really liked Michael and a small part of me was hoping I could stay n Laura’s body so we could be together. It was then my parents broke the news about Laura destroying the machine. I wasn’t even sad when I learned the truth since it means I was going to be Michael’s wife and I was looking forward to it.

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