Blake had received a strange letter in his mailbox; it looked like some sort of invitation. Tearing it open while sitting down on the couch he discovered it was a wedding invitation. No… No, it was something else. In big fancy letters, he read “You’re Invited” followed by a smaller text printed in the same cursive font “To replace the bride at the Bowers-McDaniel wedding. The bride does not wish to be wed and she has required our services at the SwapGram. Our recipients are chosen at random, so do not take any of this personally. You’ll just have to deal with your new life. Have a happy wedding!” At the end was a signature from SwapGram Greetings. Blake could only shake his head.

What kind of silly prank is this?”

Blake grabbed at his throat. That last word came out funny. Wait a minute. He was standing now, not sitting. Who was that woman in the wedding dress looking at him? How did she get into his home? No, this wasn’t his home and that wasn’t a woman across from him but the reflection of one. Blake glanced downward to be met with the sight of bountiful cleavage, pushed together by a beautiful wedding dress. He let out an anguished gasp, his hand raised to his mouth before both squeezed the breasts on his chest.

No, no, I mustn’t panic,” Blake thought to himself, “If I do then this a perfect day will be ruined.”

It was a strange thought. Blake didn’t like anything about what he was currently experiencing, but something in the back of his head was making sure he didn’t start a scene. Staring at his new reflection, he crossed his fingers nervously, thinking back to the SwapGram he received in the mail. So it seemed it wasn’t a load of bull after all. Blake was so nervous that he hadn’t noticed the older woman enter the room behind him.

Oh, Kaitlyn, I can’t get over how lovely you look. My sweet girl is getting married to Bowers! Our families will have such successful business ventures together, I can’t wait to see how this will please affect the company. Think of all the expansions we’ll be able to do and…”

Blake drowned out the rest of what she was saying. This was certainly a lot to take in and there was absolutely nothing he could do about. Maybe it wouldn’t be so bad? Being rich could have its benefits Then again, he still didn’t love any of this. Or was he just feeling residual feelings of how Kaitlyn didn’t want to marry Curtis Bowers? Soon he’d be walking down the aisle as Kaitlyn and, as he was told in the letter, he’d just have to deal with it.

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