It was the day after the wedding and Justin lay in bed thinking. His new bride Sharon had tried to convince him to get out of bed and come with her to have some breakfast He pleaded being tired and that he would join her soon. With a shrug, Sharon left the room but Justin was in no hurry. He had other plans before breakfast. Sharon’s wedding dress hung in the closet where she had hung it the night before. Sharon wouldn’t be back for a while and it was such a beautiful dress. Sharon didn’t know anything about Justin’s cross-dressing. He hadn’t had the courage to tell her and was satisfied instead to try on the occasional pair of panties while she was in the shower. The way he saw it now that they were married he would have access to her clothes anytime he wanted. But a wedding dress! That was something special. Every girl loves to try on a wedding dress and so Justin felt he was no exception. The dress was rented and would be returned later that day so now was his chance. He got out of bed quickly went to Sharon’s things were he found a pair of pink flowery panties. As he pulled them on he could feel his girly side taking over and by the time he had fastened one of her bras on he was quivering at the thought of trying on the dress.

He put on a pair of socks and some high heels and then turned his attention to the dress. There was a beautiful frilly petticoat that went under the dress to make sure the skirt had the right shape. He pulled on the petticoat and checked his reflection in the mirror. Next, he tried pulling on the dress and with a lot of twisting and turning managed to zip it up at the back. Justin stood in front of the mirror and admired himself. The skirt of the dress flowed out from his waist over the petticoat and when he twisted and turned the skirt flew up and out just like it had on Sharon the night before. He heard a voice outside and recognized it as Sharon. She was saying something to one of the other guests. Justin flew to the closet and tried to undo the dress but the zipper was stuck. He tried to pull the dress off over his head but Sharon already had the key in the lock. He tried to dash to the bathroom to buy some time but the dress was stuck over his head with all the frills of the skirt he couldn’t find his way. He was still standing there with the skirt over his head, pink panties exposed when he heard Sharon’s gasp behind him.

“What are you doing?” she demanded.

Justine could feel his face burning as he tried to untangle himself from the dress. To add to his shame Sharon just sat on the bed watching him.

“Well, it seems like my husband is a bit of sissy, doesn’t it?” she said in that voice she used when she was annoyed and wouldn’t take any talk back. She didn’t wait for an answer.

“There are going to be some changes in this marriage starting with who wears the pants,” she continued. “And you are going to be a good girl about it, aren’t you? Unless you want your panty-wearing made official on our divorce document.”

“Yes dear,” Justine said in defeat.


“From now on you can call me ‘Miss’ for a start,” she said with a dangerous looking smirk…

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