The Bride is getting ready!!

There, you look so pretty now! I know it must be hard on you, having just transformed into a woman. You thought you would be a groomsman, but here you are, about to be the *bride*. Just remember that your name is Katie now. As part of the spell, nobody remembers the old you anymore. To them, you’ve *always* been Katie. Don’t worry babe, it won’t be so bad. Jack really loves you, and he’s going to take good care of you, once you’re his wife. Just think of the fun you’ll have on your honeymoon! The two of you going for romantic moonlight walks on the beach, with you in your sexy bikini.

And think of all the sex you’re going to have. He told me he wants to have a big family. As part of the spell, you’re very fertile, and you’ll find that you get pregnant very easily. We’ve got to hurry now, your wedding ceremony is about to start! You only have a few moments left as a single woman, before you become a wife. Now give me a smile Katie. Yes, that’s a good girl. Come on, get dressed, your man is waiting for you!


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