The Big Reveal !!

For a while now I thought my brother might have been wearing my clothes, but I didn’t have any proof. So I let it slide and didn’t really think much about it. That is until that lazy Saturday afternoon when he came into my room and asked me if I would help him. After the shock wore off, I said absolutely I would help and went to work. First I fixed his already long hair into a more feminine style and then put a pink hairband to help it stay in place. Next, I had him put on a padded bra and then a pink polka dotted dress. Then I added some makeup and noticed how much that changed the appearance of my brother. l made him shut his eyes for the big reveal, because up to this point he hasn’t seen anything I have done. I stood him up and directed him towards the mirror and finally let him open his eyes. He just stood there staring at the reflection in the mirror for what seemed like forever. I think he likes what he sees.

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