Tony stood in front of the mirror trying to apply lipstick. He was wearing a black dress and matching heels and stockings. His long black hair was freshly washed and dried and beneath his lingerie, his body was smooth and hairless. Perfect! This year was going to be different. That was the promise that he had made to himself. For as long as he could remember Tony had been cross-dressing yet keeping his feminine feelings hidden from those around him. From the first early days when he would sneak into his sisters’ room to try on their underwear to modeling their clothes whenever he had a moment to himself and the years of a double life that followed it had been too long. No longer would he be Tony to the world and Tania to himself. No more conservative pants, plain shirts, and ties at work while he looked on in envy as his female peers worked around him short-skirted business suits or cozy sweaters and soft lycra leggings. No longer would he trudge down the street in his scuffed shoes and listen to the clicking of high heels around him. No longer would he go out with friends and pretend to listen to boring discussions about football games while his ears strained to catch every word of the happy girl chatter nearby; he would no longer wear sensible jeans and top to go clubbing nor would he stay leaning against the wall while the girls danced uninhibitedly in the middle of the floor.

No longer would he walk past fashion boutiques and feel the tug of the clothes hanging on the rails inside but force himself to continue walking on down the street. No, Tony was gone, gone forever. This year was Tania’s year. Tania, the wild happy-go-lucky girl who always looked sexy but elegant and fashionable too. Tania, who could wear a tight leather mini-dress one day and a long flowing skirt and blouse the next. Tania the fitness girl, who worked out four times a week and had a never-ending collection of spandex workout wear for each session at the gym. Tania the tease, who was first up on the bar to dance and the last to step down at the end of the evening. Tania, the girl with the sexiest legs in the room and who knew how to use them. Tania the girlfriend, who was always ready to go on another shopping trip or come over and make soup to cheer up her friends. Tania the life and soul of the party who could make anyone smile with a wink of her carefully made-up eye, or a wiggle of her perfect bottom. Tania, the girl looking back at herself now in the full-length mirror. Yes, Tania had a feeling that this year was going to be the best ever.

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