I couldn’t believe how many people whom I trusted had conspired to put me in this situation. You see, not so very long ago I was an 18-year-old guy named Tom. My mother was a single mom, and it had been pretty much just the two of us growing up. Meanwhile, my best friend Mike had lost his own mother when he was little and his dad had been stuck raising him and his two little brothers ever since. Well, Mikes dad and my mom eventually sort of hit it off, and eventually, they got engaged. Both III and Mike thought it was pretty cool that we were going to be “brothers,” so we were okay with the situation. As it turned out, though, Mom began to get cold feet as the date approached.

When she told Mike’s dad that she was thinking about calling it off, Mike’s dad told Mike, and they hatched a plan. When I woke up one day in my mother’s body, I freaked out. Everybody I knew pleaded ignorance and encouraged me to go through with the wedding while they figured out how to swap us back. When the big day rolled around, I went ahead and got married. Immediately afterward, everybody came clean. It turned out that Mike, his dad, and my mom had all been in on the plot, and that they were keeping me as my now former mom. Now I’m stuck as a 30-year-old woman trying to raise two younger kids. But the betrayal is worse than any of that.


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