Technological Advancements !!

Uhh…I don’t know if I’m ever going to get used to this before I change back.”

Jay yawned and stretched, waking up for another new day. But it wasn’t in the manner he had grown accustomed to for his entire life. Half a month ago he had been like any other man. That was until he found himself in a horrendous car accident leaving most of his in an inoperable state. If not for modern medical advancements, Jay would find himself in a body cast from head to toe and would have poor control over his limbs even after fully recovering. But thanks to the miracle of science, doctors would be able to repair Jay’s body as if nothing ever even happened to him. The only drawback was that this process was incredibly time consuming and Jay couldn’t be stuck on an operating table for two months while life went on without him. Fortunately, another technological advancement allowed Jay to be able to transfer his consciousness into an artificial body that functioned like any actual human. Artificial bodies had made a number of advancements over a short few years. They had gone from being generic metal shells to robots with synthetic skin to fully replicated bodies complete with organs and a vast variety of appearances. The use of these had been strictly for medical emergencies and for those wealthy and willing enough to abandon fragile flesh entirely.

When filling out some medically related papers, Jay never figured he’d be in a spot where he would need to be inserted into one of these bodies, so he never specified what kind of body he would prefer being placed into if the time ever arrived. Needless to say, Jay was quite surprised that the artificial body available for him at the top of the list of available shells was one of the more advanced bodies and one that had the appearance of a busty woman. In order to ease the process of dealing with a female body, doctors uploaded data into Jay’s brain regarding mannerisms, hygiene, and other miscellaneous biological knowledge. It certainly helped him deal with having breasts and a womanhood but it didn’t completely wipe it from feeling strange in his mind. And so Jay found himself out of the hospital and able to continue going about his life. It would be an awkward two months until his body was repaired, but he wasn’t about to let the situation get him down. He was sure his coworkers would treat him the same, albeit with occasional teasing and staring. And with Christmas coming up, he was sure his time with visiting relatives wouldn’t be too strange; Jay had a cousin who had been in an artificial body for a short time, though nothing like the one he currently inhabited.

Jeez,” Jay groaned as he read over messages on his phone, “Sarah wants me to hang out with her and her friends as well now? Last time I agree to join her for a night out. Harry thinks I should check out the Brain-Jack Arcade and Joseph wants a date. Hmm… Jill wants to watch the ball game at her place. Works for me.“

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